Untitled (Packaged Space)

Materials: found construction-grade plastic

Dimensions: 10'x20'x15'


I wrapped a triangle of space in a classroom that had two doors and an offset pillar. On campus, there was a lot of unrest because the names of the individuals who were selected to receive the coveted (and very limited studio space slots) were announced. There were only 6 available for the entire cohort. This work caused an unexpected visual and physical barrier, and confrontationally redesigned a heavily used space. The contained empty space confronted students and teachers on how to consider their body, their voice, engagement, and interaction in the interrupted space. The newly created corners, corridors, and negative space in the room initiated a conversation about commodification, institutionalism, consumerism, land ownership, environmentalism, and spacial design. Eventually during deinstallation, the space was unwrapped like a big present; violently and happily! I like to see this as part of the work.