Role Copywriter

Live Website


Create a bilingual campaign to raise money for the urgent needs and ongoing support of COREFI in 7 weeks


UXW Challenges

  • Limited communication with clients that were on an island with no power or communication due to hurricanes

  • Fluctuating priorities and goals that were informed by the immediate and evolving needs of survivors

  • Language had to be adapted and translated for both English and Spanish speakers


  • Researched non-profit fundraising and ways to treat bilingual content

  • Developed interview questions for organization leaders to effectively create strategic content 

  • Wrote project brief after identifying strengths, goals, and needs of the organization

  • Partnered closely with the designer, communications director, & the board to maintain project timelines



  • Developed, wrote, and edited site in time for year-end giving season

  • A week after launching, COREFI raised more money than they typically get in a year

  • Wrote social media posts that adapted fundraising pages for community relations