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Bringing a Financial Institution Closer to
its Customer

The Approach 

A strategy for smarter, more concise digital communications and a refreshed, customer-centric mindset: this is what I achieved for a rapidly expanding financial technology multinational. The client wanted to reconnect with its customers, having grown significantly through acquisition. The research design needed to spans many different cultures, countries, and time zones– as I worked with a team that was tasked with helping recenter customer experience and restore coherence among several channels of communication.

The approach involved understanding customers through the following methods

  • user testing

  • card sorting

  • ranking activities

  • one-on-one customer interviews

  • development of key customer group personas

  • interviewing stakeholders across the business


My team also validated our findings with customer focus groups, as we ran studies over an extended timeframe in an iterative approach.


The Outcome 

Our team developed insights via reports, films, and journey maps. We helped our client identify how their customers think about money management, and what they expect out of their financial institution. We also helped develop a customer-centric mindset internally, gaining a deeper understanding of the needs and behavior of their customer base.

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