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Creating a Global Entertainment Experience

I partnered with an American multinational technology company, helping to refine its customer experience, software, marketing communications and artificial intelligence in an evaluative research engagement before the launch of a now-popular household gadget.

The Approach 

This multi-country research engagement spanned 3 different countries, involved 60 users, and the research design included an at-home diary study for adults and children, one-on-one interviews, and in-lab user testing. Capturing insights from participants ahead of the product launch took careful strategy, privacy, and attention to cultural differences among the different user populations. 


The Outcome 

The insights from this research gave the client a rich picture of what both children and adults thought of the new gadget, the challenges around specific features, and how different cultures behave around this new technology. 


My contribution to the project led to the introduction of compelling new interfaces, content systems, and other innovative features – such as the ability to move differently or engage in a more human-centered way. Beyond this, I was able to nurture a culture of design thinking within the company– one which now leaps to solve problems and find desirable solutions for its millions of daily users.

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