But It’s So Close To Home 

Materials: vinyl, mirror


Dimensions: variable


Location: gallery bathrooms


I used the recognizable rainbow color spectrum to obnoxiously ask viewers to see past a visual barrier if they wanted to see a reflection of themselves. The bold type interrupts the mirroring/self-viewing interaction, which I find fitting for the subject matter. Representation is symbolism; it’s outward, it’s visible, it’s expression, it functions as propaganda. Mirrors function differently of course, but sometimes they perpetuate representation. This series also included handwritten words of Coptic Orthodox hymns in “Arabish.” I had my handwriting printed in adhesive vinyl, and installed on opposing bathroom mirrors. Arabic is written right to left, and I began mimicking repeated classroom standards beginning left to right, but then alternated right to left, left to right, and back again. Words crossed out in the process, illegible, interrupted, mirrored, repeated.